If you’re looking for more optimism regarding the outlook of the college football season, Joel Klatt of FOX Sports has you covered. One of the sport’s top analysts says he’s confident the college football season will be played this fall.

Klatt has remained optimistic about the return of college football throughout the pandemic. However, on Wednesday, he explained why feels even more confident now about the season kicking off in the fall.

“The more conversations I have the more I believe that we will have a CFB season,” Klatt wrote on Twitter. “Decision makers are planning and adapting to the new reality. Most, if not all, plans involve fans in some capacity. Fact remains, athletes can be cared for much better on campus than at home.”

Klatt said that having access to quality nutrition, training, team doctors, medicine and testing (among other things) would be incredibly beneficial to student athletes. There are many playing the sport who would not have access to those necessities if they’re not on a college campus.

There is still no decision that has been made about the season, though several campus presidents have already stated that they plan to host on-campus classes in the fall. That would obviously create huge momentum about football returning.

We’ll have to continue to wait and see what happens.