Every week Fox Sports college football analyst RJ Young releases his list of top tiers of college football, ranking where each program stands for the week.

After the win over Tennessee last week, the Georgia Bulldogs are on top of Young’s list by themselves as the top-tier program in the country.

On his second tier are two B1G teams, Michigan and Ohio State who both seem to be headed to face each other undefeated in the annual clash at the end of the season. Rounding out the second tier was TCU.

Young’s third tier featured four teams also on the rise; Oregon, Tennessee, USC and UCLA. Young doesn’t mind courting controversy when it comes to his top 25 teams, which sometimes leaves fans around the country scratching their heads.

The good news for Buckeye and Wolverine fans is that each team has a great chance of moving up on Young’s list in the coming weeks.