Another person has decided to speak about USC and UCLA’s plans to move to the B1G. Bucky Brooks and Bruce Feldman of FOX Sports were on the podcast ‘Move The Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah’ on Tuesday to talk about how the move could impact college football.

Following the news of the two Pac-12 giants leaving the conference, there has been a lot of speculation over what teams are interested in moving to what conference. Feldman discussed what could come out of the move.

He first discussed how California universities are handling the news and what travel could be like.

“You can get a little in the weeds with it,” said Feldman. “I’m hearing from regents in the California system, they are really ticked off. Cal is getting left behind, and UCLA is moving because they’re connected. I think there’s also stuff on the practical side. I’ve talked coaches at schools like Hawaii. It’s one thing to fly east to Notre Dame once a year, but it’s another thing to do multi-time zone trips 4 times a year.”

With that aspect of it being brought into consideration, there is also some noise being made by other Power 5 conferences and about what they’re going to do. However, there is also a huge ratings boost that USC and UCLA are bringing to the B1G as well.

“Then there’s the wild speculation about what’s the Big 12 do,” said Feldman. “Do they try to poach the leftovers from the Pac-12? How desirable are anything of them? The thing that I didn’t really realize until I became a reporter for FOX, was the ratings component. For the people are who are gonna make these deals, and what is financially feasible, I don’t know how much leverage each side has.”