FOX analyst Joel Klatt is not a happy camper when it comes to the College Football Playoff.

In a video he posted to his Twitter account, he slammed the entire system as he doesn’t believe it to be working and it was never right.

“We need to start with this fact — first and foremost — the Playoff, as it’s currently constructed, is broken. But it was never really right to begin with. So it’s not really right to say it’s broken, it’s just never correct.

Klatt then touched on how 4 teams are too few and how it’s not good for the sport to continue with this.

“Four teams is too few. Everything in our sport now is defined by whether you’re in the Playoff or not. That’s the only way you can define yourself as successful. Well, that’s not good for our sport. It doesn’t allow for growth. It doesn’t allow a school or program to evolve. You have to honor what these players and coaches are doing on the field.”

There have long since been talks about expanding this format to allow more teams in as some are tired of the same 4 getting in each year. We’ll have to see what happens with those discussions as the season gets closer to the end.