Tim Brando has unleashed hell on the College Football Playoff selection committee, and the system entirely.

On Wednesday, Brando — who is a play-by-play voice on FOX — joined the Ferrall on the Bench show on CBS Sports Radio to talk about the most recent College Football Playoff rankings. Brando is not thrilled with the system, to say the least.

After seeing Georgia at No. 4 and Alabama at No. 5, with Minnesota sitting at No. 8 and Baylor at No. 12 — despite both being undefeated — Brando said “Alabama privilege” is back at work and that the big brand names are the only programs that are getting any respect right now.

“What happened tonight is a little bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy,” Brando said on Ferrall on the Bench. “I predicted that if LSU thinks for one minute they’re through with Alabama, think again. Alabama privilege is always there. In fact, the College Football Playoff is about nothing but privilege to the brand names, and this is yet another example.”

After going off an Alabama, Brando threw Georgia into the mix, as well.

“They lost at home to South Carolina, with a third-string quarterback quarterbacking South Carolina, and managed to lose,” Brando said. “Apparently that’s not a problem if you happen to be Georgia. Baylor has a hard time beating a .500 TCU team that has a pretty good defense, and because TCU is 4-4 and they play in the Big 12, evidently that’s a problem for Baylor because they can’t sniff the top 10.”

Baylor fell from No. 12 to No. 13 this week, despite adding another win to its resume and improving to 9-0 on the season. They’re still not getting any love from the selection committee.

On that same point, Brando also argued on behalf of Minnesota, which knocked off Penn State this past Saturday. Despite owning a better win (and no losses) than Alabama, the Gophers improved to No. 8 in the rankings, still three spots behind the Crimson Tide.

“This is supposed to be about what we’ve done, what we’ve seen to this point,” Brando continued. “Minnesota beat Penn State. They were the No. 4 team in the country. Can you name for me one win that Alabama has that’s as impressive as Minnesota’s one win against Penn State? No. And where is Minnesota? Eighth? Alabama is fifth. They fall a whopping two spots after getting their ass kicked for an entire half and then piling on some stats.”

“Where’s the fairness to Minnesota? The fairness to Baylor? It’s non-existent. Does not exist,” Brando said.

After arguing on behalf of Minnesota and Baylor, Brando also referred to the College Football Playoff system as the most corrupt we’ve seen in American sports.

“This thing is as corrupt a process as any we’ve seen in American sports, period,” Brando said. “It is so far worse than the BCS, I can’t even begin to tell you. The way these guys are enabled by our business, filled with media cronies, who will go out all week long and change their tune depending upon what they’re told by those people they’re in business with . . . is beneath contempt.”

Brando makes some really strong points in his trashing of the College Football Playoff and the selection committee, especially when you start comparing resumes.

You can listen to the entire interview with Brando on Farrell on the Bench here.