While it’s been a successful 2020 campaign for the Iowa football program, Hawkeyes athletics director Gary Barta hasn’t had as fun of ride this football season.

He is the chairman of the College Football Playoff committee, which has received quite a lot of criticism lately. It comes when talking about the top four and the treatment of Group of 5 schools.

On Saturday, Barta spoke about the rankings on College GameDay along with the fact the committee is gathering to watch the action today a day ahead of announcing the top four along with the rest of the rankings which will have an impact on all of the upcoming bowl games.

Saturday will mark the first time they’ve come together to watch games in a year where distancing and virtual meetings have become the norm.

“All year long we’ve been watching games individually and then coming together once a week,” Barta said. “Today, we get a chance to celebrate, watching the games together, safely, with masks on and social distancing, but just watching and talking about the games while they’re going on and comparing notes through this year. And, of course, big games tonight to create the top four ranking.”

Besides not getting together in person most of the year, the committee is dealing with an unprecedented season where some teams have played five or six games while some have played 10 or 11.

“We went into this season (knowing) that the pandemic this season was going to create challenges in these rankings,” Barta said. “Going into last night, we had eight teams that were undefeated. There are still five left who are undefeated.”

That last point will rile up some college football fans as they watch Clemson, a one-loss team that is likely safe win or loss on Saturday against Notre Dame in the ACC title game.

“Criticism was expected,” Barta said. “It was inevitable. But we’re very confident that the committee has spent its time, invested its time and tomorrow. There’s only four spots and we’ll rank those top 4 and, in addition, rank the top 25.”

All I will say is just be ready for a whole lot of outrage when the rankings come out on Sunday.