It wouldn’t a good Media Day outing without some drama. George Kliavkoff, the Pac-12 commissioner, threw some shade at the B1G 12 on Friday.

This all started when reports came out in early July that the Big 12 was discussing expansion talks with Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

Kliavkoff went as far to say that the Big 12 is trying to destabilize the Pac-12. He also added that this has been going on for at least 4 weeks according to ESPN’s Pete Thamel.

“I’ve been trying to defend the Pac-12 from grenades lobbed in from every corner of the Big 12 trying to destabilize our conference,” said Kliavkoff. “I get it. I get why they are scared. I get why they are trying to destabilize us.”

It didn’t stop there. Kliavkoff also responded to Big 12 Commissioner Brett Yormark saying that they’re open for business. It looks like he isn’t going to give into them just yet per Brandon Marcello of 247Sports.

“I appreciate that,” said Kliavkoff. “We haven’t decide whether we’re going shopping there or not.”