The next time Jim Boeheim talks about a “perfect pick” his players may have to ask for clarification.

During Syracuse’s 77-68 win over N.C. State on Tuesday night, the camera zoomed in on Boeheim, one of the legendary coaches of the game. But the longtime leader of the Orange was going viral for a not-so-legendary reason after the game.

Boeheim had his finger up his nose while the camera was zoomed in, capturing a fairly gross moment for the head coach. Of course, someone captured that moment and posted it on Twitter.

Maybe Boeheim can play it off as a signal for a specific play the Orange run? The pick-and-roll, maybe? No, probably not.

The dig didn’t seem to bother Syracuse’s performance on Tuesday night. The Orange held a 1-point lead at halftime and outscored N.C. State 43-35 in the 2nd half to improve to 11-6 on the season and 5-5 in ACC play.

Unfortunately for Boeheim and the Orange, the win will be overshadowed by that brief clip that’s going viral.