Greg McElroy fielded a mailbag question about teams that haven’t won a national championship this century, and which programs are most likely to celebrate with confetti falling on the field.

McElroy listed Penn State and Michigan among a pair of B1G teams to fit this mold, as he also suggested the likes of Washington, Oregon, Notre Dame and Tennessee could fall into that category.

“Penn State would be a team that has been close before and has at many points in James Franklin’s tenure gone toe-to-toe with Ohio State,” McElroy said. “Now, I know that they haven’t always necessarily won the games, but they have been competitive compared to the rest of the Big Ten East not named Michigan the last couple of years. They’ve played them closer than pretty much anybody.”

The key for Penn State is figuring out the quarterback position, McElroy said.

McElroy said Michigan has been close before, and is one of the easiest picks for this kind of question.

“If they had beaten TCU in the semifinal game last year, I really believe they would have given Georgia a far more competitive game,” McElroy said. “Would they have won the game? I don’t know about that. But this is a year for Michigan that they really could make a legit run.”

JJ McCarthy is the only quarterback from an elite program from 2022 that has not been replaced this year, he said.