Greg Sankey was on ‘The Paul Finebaum Show’ recently to discuss the changes coming to the College Football Playoff. There is 1 thing that needs to be addressed before its deal with ESPN expires.

1 question that will need to answered has to do with broadcasting rights. The current deal with ESPN ends after the 2025 season. The 12-team playoff format is expected to happen in 2026, but the CFP Board of Managers is encouraging commissioners to use the model in 2024.

Sankey serves on the board, and stated that they are planning on giving everyone a chance to have the rights.

“We know ESPN has an agreement through the 12-year cycle,” said Sankey. “That’s our reality. The small committee in which I serve, for year 13, our proposal was that we would fully go to market with the media rights. Everybody will have the opportunity to participate.”

The SEC commissioner also revealed that there is no certainty that they will decide to use multiple media partners. Sankey says that the board will need to await the proposals before figuring out who the rights should go to.

“There’s no guarantee that we would go with multiple media partners,” said Sankey. “That’s certainly a possibility. We need to see the actual proposals before we make such a decision. That’s the right way to go about this.”