Greg Sankey isn’t afraid to take shots at his competition. He proved that once again on Monday.

With SEC Media Days kicking off, the Commissioner of the SEC took to the podium to get things started. It did not take long for him to get to the topic of the day which is the ongoing realignment in college football and the move of USC and UCLA to the B1G.

Asked about comparing the SEC adding Texas and Oklahoma to the B1G adding USC and UCLA, Sankey was clear that he believes adding the Longhorns and Sooners is the stronger move of the two. He also took a not-so-subtle shot at the B1G.

Sankey made sure to point out that adding Texas and Oklahoma keeps the SEC’s expansion among “in contiguous states” and pointed toward the “reasonable geography” of the move. That is definitely a key difference from the B1G’s expansion out west to California.

Here’s a glimpse at what Sankey had to say regarding the ongoing realignment: