While the College Football Playoff is almost certainly headed for expansion in the near future, the specifics are still being decided.

Under the current proposal, the top six-ranked conference champions would receive an automatic berth into a 12-team playoff. The remaining six teams would be determined by the College Football Playoff selection committee.

However, the Pac-12 released a statement on Friday arguing for automatic berths for Power 5 champions.

That didn’t go over well with at least one Group of 5 conference β€” the Sun Belt.

Here’s the full statement from Sun Belt commissioner Keith Gill:

β€œThe Sun Belt Conference supports College Football Playoff expansion, including the working group’s recommendation to have the six highest-ranked conference champions in the field. Playoff spots should be earned and not given. Under the proposed system, if you are a deserving team, you should have no concerns of being left out of the Playoff. I look forward to continuing the conversation next week with the CFP Board of Managers.”

It’s hard to argue with that sentiment. In most years, the champions of the Power 5 conferences will be ranked highly enough to earn one of those automatic berths.

More details about College Football Playoff expansion are expected later this summer and fall.