With spring football coming to a close across the country, there’s a new wave of players entering their names into the NCAA transfer portal. And with the deadline for guaranteed immediately eligible coming on May 1, there’s likely to be more who take the dive in the coming days.

It’s created a new world in college athletics. It makes roster management much more difficult for coaching staffs on a year-to-year basis. However, it does allow coaches to fill specific gaps or holes on the team by recruiting from the transfer portal.

Everyone’s approach is different. And every team is affected differently.

College football reporter Mike Farrell has kept track of the number of players every B1G program has lost to the portal, dating back to Aug. 1, 2021. Here’s the breakdown (only includes scholarship players):

  • Indiana — 24
  • Maryland — 23
  • Michigan State — 22
  • Ohio State — 17 (latest addition on 4/26)
  • Rutgers — 16
  • Minnesota — 16
  • Illinois — 15
  • Nebraska — 15
  • Purdue — 14
  • Penn State — 12
  • Wisconsin — 11
  • Michigan — 10
  • Northwestern — 9
  • Iowa — 5

Some teams have been able to counter their losses by recruiting from the portal pretty hard. Farrell’s numbers don’t include the number of transfers brought in.

With the deadline approaching, it’ll be interesting to see if these numbers grow.