If the BCS still existed, then Ohio State would be in an improved spot over the current College Football Playoff.

According to a recent simulation, Ohio State would be No. 3 in the old BCS, one slot improved over their November 24 ranking in the College Football Playoff. The BCS, less commonly known as the Bowl Championship Series, was the system utilized prior to the slightly better but still flawed College Football Playoff.

And while the Buckeyes are perhaps pining for the days of the BCS, having moved up a spot at Clemson’s expense (who drop to No. 4) in the projections, the rest of the Big Ten happens to like the playoff. The BCS wasn’t as kind.

Northwestern, No. 8 in the CFP rankings, drop down to tenth in the BCS projections. Wisconsin, No. 16 in the CFP, are one slot lower in the BCS ranking to No. 17.

Interesting stuff from BCSKnowHow.com.

Most intriguing…BYU is No. 8 according to the BCS projection but is No. 14 in the CFP rankings. Oregon is No. 9 in the BCS projection. In the CFP they are No. 15.