We are 3 weeks into the college football season, and the number of undefeated teams is dwindling by the week.

Only 22 undefeated power 5 teams remain, 6 of which reside in the B1G; the SEC also has 6 undefeated teams. The Pac-12 has the fewest, with 1 team remaining in Oregon.

The 6 B1G teams are Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State and Rutgers.

All 6 of these teams have a win over a Power 5 opponent as well.

Iowa: Indiana and Iowa State

Maryland: West Virginia and Illinois

Michigan: Washington

Michigan State: Northwestern and Miami

Penn State: Wisconsin and Auburn

Rutgers: Syracuse

All 6 of these teams are 3-0 as well. Michigan and Rutgers are the only 2 teams who have finished up the non-conference; the other 4 teams have one more conference game to finish up.

This season is shaping up to a good one in the B1G and so far they look like they will challenge the SEC again for the nation’s premier conference.