Christmas has snuck up on us quickly, meaning folks are making their final trips to the grocery store and purchasing any last-second gifts before the holiday arrives.

While we all look forward to our favor Christmas feast, have you ever wondered what holiday dishes are most popular? Or maybe what different states or regions of the country are enjoying with their feast?

Well, thanks to Spoon University, we’ve got some answers.

Since this is a B1G site, we’ll focus on the states in the conference. On this list, you’ll find some traditional items as well as some unique dishes.

Here is a list of the most popular dishes in each of the 11 B1G states:

ILLINOIS: Hot chocolate

INDIANA: French toast bake

IOWA: Sliders

MARYLAND: Crab cakes

MICHIGAN: Sugar cookies

MINNESOTA: Christmas cookies

NEBRASKA: Mashed potatoes


OHIO: Buckeyes


WISCONSIN: Tom and Jerry (eggnog drink)