An 8-game College Football Playoff?

That would be an interesting scenario, and many have called for an expansion of the current 4-team system. But what would it look like right now if that was the case?

The four top teams, Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Clemson are widely considered the best in the nation, but looking at the undefeated teams – which would exclude the Tigers after their loss to the Irish – there are five other teams that could make some noise, who are all without a loss this season.

USC, Buffalo, Coastal Carolina, Cincinnati and San Jose State have all yet to drop a game this season, and looking at a potential bracket using just the undefeated teams would provide some interesting matchups.

Fox College Football took a look at what a bracket might look like.

In Fox’s bracket, Alabama would face Buffalo, while Notre Dame would take on San Jose State. Then, an Ohio State matchup with USC, and Coastal Carolina showdown with Cincinnati would round out the bracket.

While we’re just in imagination mode, which do you think would make for the best game?