The offseason is all about ifs and buts, right? So, with the news that the College Football Playoff is seriously considering an expansion to a 12-team format, why not take a look back at the 2020 season.

If 12 teams had been allowed to participate in last year’s field, what would that bracket look like? 247Sports created that bracket. And it looks like a pretty entertaining postseason.

Ohio State and Indiana would’ve represented the B1G in the field, with the conference receiving two bids. The SEC dominated the bracket, having Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Texas A&M all in the mix. Oklahoma and Iowa State came out of the Big 12, Clemson and Notre Dame (for 2020) were the ACC representatives and Cincinnati and Coastal Carolina were the Group of 5 teams.

Here’s a look at what that bracket would’ve looked like, per 247Sports:

We did get the opportunity to see some of these games. Georgia defeated Cincinnati in the Peach Bowl and Ohio State took down Clemson in the Sugar Bowl. But the remaining matchups would’ve been a lot of fun to watch.

If this 12-team format gets passed, the College Football Playoff has the potential to be a lot more entertaining than what we’ve seen the past seven years.