New LSU head coach Brian Kelly continues to imitate Elaine Benes on the dance floor.

Back in December, a video of Kelly dancing with LSU recruit Walker Howard went viral for all the wrong reasons. Trying to fit in down in Baton Rouge, Kelly was showing off his less-than-impressive dance moves to Garth Brooks’ popular song Callin’ Baton Rouge.

Here’s the first video, which came out in December:


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Kelly is at it again. This time Kelly is showing off some “new” moves with another recruit, Danny Lewis Jr. It’s just as hilarious as the first video that went viral last month.

Here’s the clip, which was shared by Lewis:

Thank goodness Kelly is a football coach and not a dance instructor.

As silly as it looks, if recruits enjoy Kelly getting in on some of the fun during the process then it might just be worth it. With the way recruiting has changed, sometimes coaches have to jump outside their comfort zones.

Clearly, Kelly has no problem doing that. Even if the video is going to catch laughs and criticism.