High school football players at one national powerhouse in California will soon benefit from name, image, and likeness benefits.

St. John Bosco, near Los Angeles, has signed an NIL deal with KONGiQ, a “sports performance intelligence” company that already has products being used by the private, all-male high school.

According to FootballScoop, the school’s football players won’t be paid a great deal of money (“in the three figures”), but it’s likely the tip of the iceberg of what might be to come. So far, per its head football coach Jason Negro, there haven’t been any concerns raised.

“The way they’re approaching it is that it’s a small job,” Negro said. “The kids are being paid for a service to be an influencer and talk about it in a positive light. They’re not getting rich off it, but this isn’t a gimmick. It’s basic and straightforward.”

Bosco is ranked No. 1 in the country by MaxPreps ahead of the 2022 season.