If you’re reading this article, you obviously love football and probably love the Big Ten. It’s safe to say that we’ve seen a lot of football over the years.

We may not have seen it all, but we like to say we have. Well, there was a play over the weekend that some of us may never have seen before.

We’ve all seen players run the wrong direction with the football. It happens to the best of players. There is so much to think about during a game that once in a while, a sense of direction can be flipped around. Is it ridiculous and funny? Of course.

Well, that happened in a high school game. But what’s truly ridiculous about the play is that the player running the wrong way did so after an interception. He was about to score for the other team.

That is until his teammate caught him from behind and tackled him.

You have to watch it all unfold:

This is crazy from many different standpoints, but, imagine the teammate trying to catch him. Was he yelling at him to stop? Maybe continuously yelling, ‘You’re going the wrong way!’

Thankfully for his own team, whatever he did, it worked.

The team that threw the interception was probably hoping for a pick-six on this play… eventually. Too bad it didn’t work out.