It was one of those “this can’t be happening,” moments. And if you had only heard about it, you probably didn’t believe.

The Oscars, one of the most prestigious awards shows in the entertainment industry, also had one of the biggest mix-ups in an awards show could ever make.

La La Land, one of the year’s most popular films, was announced as the winner as this year’s Best Picture on Sunday night. It was no surprise, as the flick had received extremely high-praise and featured Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, two premier actors.

But just like when Lee Corso interrupts Kirk Herbstreit on College GameDay with a “not so fast, my fried,” La La Land‘s acceptance speech was interrupted by a harsh realization.

In case you’ve only heard about it, here’s what happened:


That had to be unpleasant for everyone involved. Ok, it probably wasn’t so bad for the people from Moonlight, but you get the picture.

After the slight fiasco at the Oscars, that got us thinking, “what were some of the biggest mishaps in the B1G in 2016?”

We’ve come up with five pretty entertaining blunders from last season:

The award for being lucky rather than good

Winner: Mitch Leidner

But only because it so perfectly sums up the career of the Minnesota quarterback.

On third down late in the third quarter, Leidner was looking to the end zone for Shannon Brooks. Instead of Brooks getting open, he found himself surrounded by three Washington State defenders. Leidner, of course, still threw the ball to his running back.

Thankfully for the Gophers, the pass was only deflected and Brooks happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Seriously, who was the intended target on that pass?

Leidner’s legacy at Minnesota is unbelievably complex, hence it can be summed up in this one pass.

Thanks to that score, the Gophers went on to win the game 17-13.

Maybe this wasn’t exactly a blunder for Minnesota, but it certainly was a crazy play in the complicated career for Leidner.

The award for dropping the anchor (or ball) too soon

Winner: Clayton Thorson

It wasn’t pretty, but it looked like Northwestern was going to survive a scare from MAC foe Western Michigan.

Trailing 22-21, The Wildcats needed just six yards to reach the end zone. As Thorson took the snap and bolted towards the left side of the field, it looked like he was going to punch it in, or at least get the ball extremely close to the goal line.

The ball did in fact reach the end zone, but it didn’t get there via Thorson’s hands. Instead, the quarterback fumbled just before crossing the goal line. Western Michigan took possession – though the Broncos tried their best to give it back – and left Evanston with a victory.

That fumble probably haunts Thorson every time he hears the phrase “row the boat.”

The award for the best impersonation of the Incredible Hulk

Winner: Jim Harbaugh

“Attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind,” is a phrase you’ll hear uttered from Harbaugh’s lips often. It’s a phrase the Michigan head coach lives by.

So, when Harbaugh gets angry, he’s angry with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. That was on full display in Michigan’s season-finale against Ohio State in Columbus.

Late in the third quarter with Ohio State in the red zone, the Wolverines were whistled for an offsides penalty. Harbaugh didn’t like the call and proceeded to throw his play his playbook into the air and Hulk-smash his headset:

Not only did Harbaugh’s little tantrum break the headset, it resulted in an unsportsmanlike closer that moved the Buckeyes even closer to the end zone.

Ohio State would go on to score and win the game. It was at that point that the momentum of the game started to shift.

But Harbaugh’s outburst didn’t leave him empty-handed. That episode earned him this shiny and prestigious award from Saturday Tradition.

The award for turning a laughable failed fake punt attempt into an acrobatic experience

Winner: Ron Coluzzi

The Iowa punter knew he wasn’t going to get the first down. So rather than just coming up short an leaving the faithful of Kinnick Stadium scratching their heads, he decided to perform a little gymnastics routine.

It’s hard to give Coluzzi a perfect 10 since he didn’t stick the landing, but what a smooth somersault. And the timing was impeccable, getting the flip in before getting drilled by a Michigan defender. His plan to entertain worked out perfectly.

He did do that on purpose, right?


Oh well. It was still awkward and funny, and actually looked pretty athletic. We won’t revoke his award this time.

The award for being so desperate to win they’ll try anything, even if it’s a really, really bad idea

Winner: Mark Dantonio

This is still a decision that’s still puzzling.

Michigan State was 2-4, needing a win over Maryland in College Park to try and get the season headed in a more positive direction. But Dantonio and the Spartans appeared to be a little too desperate for a win.

Tied with the Terrapins 14-14 with time expiring in the second quarter, Michigan State sent Matt Geiger and the field goal unit onto the field to try and take a three-point lead into the half. Makes sense, right?

But instead of settling for three points, the Spartans opted to try and catch Maryland off guard. The result was a complete disaster.

So, to briefly recap, rather than allowing Geiger a shot at a 45-yard attempt – he made 17 field goals from 40-plus yards and had a career-long of 52 yards, by the way – Dantonio thought it was a good idea to let his field goal kicker try and run for the end zone.

Needless to say, it was not a good idea.

Geiger gained four yards and the Spartans dropped to 2-5 after a 28-17 loss.

Post-award interviews

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to secure interviews with any of the players and coaches that took home any of these awards.

However, we did receive a report that Darrell Hazell was excited to hear that he was not a nominee in any of the categories.