Hooters signed 51 college football offensive linemen to NIL deals Monday.

The chains said it wanted to sign offensive line groups instead of individual players, and includes athletes from 10 programs including Oklahoma, Miami, Georgia Tech, Auburn, LSU, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Missouri, FAU and Southern Florida.

“For decades, the physical play, blue-collar mentality and on-field leadership of the offensive lineman has shined, but national praise and attention for these crucial players has all-too-often been sidelined,” Hooters chief marketing officer Bruce Skala said, via ESPN. “We want to change the narrative and celebrate these elite student-athletes who play a pivotal role in making college football so thrilling and give them their fair share of the spotlight.”

The partnership will have the signed offensive linemen visit location, star in social campaigns and encourage fans to use the chain for viewing parties during the 2022 season.