It seems like now more than ever, there’s a serious desire to expand the College Football Playoff.

Countless college football talking heads have floated out their wants of more teams competing for the national championship. Now, some people directly involved are speaking up. That includes Georgia head coach Kirby Smart.

The obvious question that comes up when talking about having more teams in the Playoff is how many. Some say eight, some say 16. Smart has a different idea.

Smart went on to explain that with that type of expansion, a lower seed such as an eight or nine seed, would probably end up capturing a national championship. That could potentially be a UCF or Coastal Carolina, giving those teams legitimate hope of winning a title.

Smart used that reasoning by pointing to the current system. Ohio State won the inaugural CFP as the No. 4 seed and Alabama won the 2017 title as the last team in.

It seems that it’s becoming a consensus at this point that something needs to change with the CFP. The debate as to how many will surely be a rigorous one with everyone wanting their voice heard.

For now, college football continues to be one of the few sports that continues to struggle with how to properly crown a champion. And currently, Georgia’s next stop is a date with Cincinnati in the Peach Bowl.