Track and field season might be a winter or spring sport, but we got a glimpse of it in the fall thanks to a Houston punt returner.

The Cougars were already ahead of South Florida 28-0 as the Bulls were set to punt early in the third quarter. The ball drifted back to the Houston 28 when returner Marcus Jones got the ball. Jones then proceeded to put on a show.

First of all, just the speed and nimble nature of Jones on this return is great. He’s blowing past defenders but also being very mindful of when to make his cuts through the South Florida defenders.

But the part everyone is and will be talking about is the hurdle. My goodness. It’s a crazy hurdle, and Jones just does it in the midst of avoiding other defenders while racing toward the end zone.

If you haven’t heard of Jones, he’s a transfer out of Troy. This was his first punt return touchdown of the season. His longest prior to this 72-yard scamper was just 34 yards.