Last week was Halloween, which means it is time for a Halloween-themed press conference from Mike Leach.

The always entertaining head coach of the Washington State Cougars is truly a man of the people. There is seemingly no question he will not answer or topic he will not engage in. On Monday, the topic he took time to discuss was a potential zombie apocalypse.

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Leach was at least honest, admitting that he would “blast” some zombies to see what it was like:

“Obviously, I’d want to blast a couple, just to see how that comes together,” explained Leach.

However, the real shocker was when Leach discussed how he would meet his demise in the apocalypse. According to Leach, his biggest threat would not be the monsters at all.

It would be simple boredom:

“I actually think, in a zombie apocalypse, I would die of boredom before anything else,” Leach admitted. “I find zombies to be the most boring of the monsters because everything with zombies is pretty redundant.”

You can check out Leach’s entire zombie comments below, courtesy of Alyssa Charlston with KXLY4 News: