Perhaps eager to beat the Aug. 16 deadline set forth by the Ohio Casino Control Commission, hundreds of applications to host Ohio sports betting kiosks were submitted by state restaurants, supermarkets, bars and bowling alleys all hoping for a piece of the state’s sports betting market.

As of this morning, 704 applications (and counting) were submitted to the Ohio Casino Control Commission to host sports betting kiosks.

Businesses that submitted applications before Aug. 16 will have the ability to launch their kiosks on Jan. 1, 2023, Ohio sports betting’s universal start date. Applications submitted on Aug. 16 or later will not be guaranteed a position for the universal start date if a license is awarded.

The dates for submitted applications are not available through the casino control commission application ePortal.

Bars, restaurants, and supermarkets, oh my

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of applicants for sports betting kiosks were Ohio bars and restaurants. One of the requirements to be eligible for a sports betting kiosk host license is to hold a valid liquor permit. Businesses that meet all the following requirements are eligible to host kiosks:

  • Holds a valid D-1, D-2, or D-5 liquor permit.
  • Holds a valid lottery sales agent license.
  • Have a current recommendation for licensure by the Lottery.
  • Are a for-profit corporation or association.

In addition to the long list of bars, restaurants, and bowling alleys that submitted applications, supermarket giants Kroger and Giant Eagle also submitted numerous applications to host kiosks at their establishments throughout the state.

Both were among the 1,254 locations that were pre-qualified in the state for Type C licenses by the Ohio Lottery.

Kroger submitted 42 applications for all of its locations in Ohio and Giant Eagle submitted applications for 11 locations.

Other notable applications that jumped out:

  • 18 Fricker’s Wings Sports Bar locations
  • 4 Winking Lizard Tavern locations
  • 4 Brubaker’s Pub locations
  • 4 Coach’s Burger Bar locations
  • 2 Bowl for Fun locations

Other Type C license details

Customers will only be able to bet a maximum of $700 a week at sports betting kiosks throughout Ohio. If a customer wins more than $600 on a bet, the sports betting kiosk host will not pay out the customer directly. The customer will have to cash the winning bet with a Type-C license proprietor holder.

Seven companies have applied for a Type-C sports betting proprietor license. These companies will be able to provide sports betting kiosks to the approved sports betting kiosk host license holders and will pay out winning bets more than $600.

  • Elys Gameboard Technologies, LLC 
  • Green Bear Gaming Development, LLC
  • Intralot Inc.
  • Skybox Sports Network Inc.
  • Iron Gate Gaming Inc.
  • J&J Ventures Gaming of Ohio, LLC
  • Gold Rush Amusements, LLC

The proprietors will either take a percentage of revenue from the kiosk hosts or will require a rental fee for its sports betting kiosks.