We may officially be in 2021, but a new year is not going to up and stop technical issues!

Everyone’s been there before. Whether it’s a crucial phone call that loses cell coverage at just the wrong time, a frozen Zoom video call during an important meeting, or internet issues at home.

Technology is great, except for when it isn’t. And even the media powerhouse of ESPN is not immune from technological glitches and issues, even during the College Football Playoff semifinals.


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During the halftime interview for Alabama head coach Nick Saban, the social distance model of interviewing went wrong with Saban having issues with his headset. He tried to bypass the headset entirely, but that did not yield any better results due to the distance between Saban and the ESPN reporter.

Needless to say it was an entirely awkward experience to witness:

Fortunately for Saban, the Crimson Tide haven’t had much issue so far against Notre Dame with a 28-7 lead in the third quarter.