Illinois’ student section and Iowa’s athletic department are feuding ahead of their men’s basketball game on Saturday.

Illinois’ student section, known as The Orange Krush, says its ticket order for this weekend’s game vs. the Hawkeyes was canceled by Iowa’s athletic department.

“It is highly unfortunate for the 150 students that collective fundraised a total of $2,649.41 for local charitable organizations in order to be invited on this trip,” the statement reads in-part. “Most of all, it is highly unfortunate that the University of Iowa and their athletic department refused to face the consequences of the mistake they made in selling tickets to a billing address in Champaign, Illinois.

“It is against the spirit of competition and rivalry, two outstanding attributes of the Big Ten Conference, to make this decision.

This would have been the 20th trip to an away game for the The Orange Krush, a tradition it says dates back to 2002.

Here’s the statement from The Orange Krush:


Iowa’s athletic department responded to the accusations on Thursday evening. It claims it canceled the ticket order because it was falsely made under Illinois’ chapter of the Boys and Girls Club.

The Hakeyes say they then chose to cancel the ticket order and donate the tickets to the Boys and Girls Club of Cedar Rapids. It also says it has refunded The Orange Krush’s initial ticket order.

Here’s Iowa’s statement:

As of publication on Thursday morning, The Orange Krush has not made an additional statement.

Tipoff between Illinois and Iowa is at 2:30 p.m. ET on Saturday.