Well, this is something you don’t see every day. With the country essentially on quarantine due to the ongoing health crisis relating to COVID-19, Ole Miss is asking for donations.

That much isn’t really all that surprising. Businesses and schools still have to operate, and sending out messages asking for donations is still integral in the operations of a college or university. But the way Ole Miss is asking for donations might be a bit over the line.

In a message shared on Twitter on Tuesday, Ole Miss asked donors to consider making amendments to their wills, hoping to get individuals to donate to the school. Probably not the best timing to send out that message — you know, in the middle of a pandemic.

Below is the message that was sent from Ole Miss:

It isn’t all that uncommon for donors to incorporate a college or university into their will. And though this could be standard for Ole Miss, perhaps several other schools out there, the timing of the message doesn’t seem ideal.