Championship Weekend is here across the country with plenty of intriguing matchups in store.

Currently, the B1G Championship Game is not expected to be close. According to Vegas, Ohio State opens as an 18-point favorite against Wisconsin. That is likely due to a 38-7 home win by the Buckeyes earlier in the season.

In the SEC, No. 2 LSU is favored over No. 4 Georgia by seven points in what is expected to be a good showdown. The Pac-12 between Oregon and Utah is also an intriguing showdown with a 6.5-point spread.

For anyone hoping to attend a conference championship game this weekend, most of the costs to get into a game are not that bad. According to Darren Rovell, the cost for most of the Power 5 games is between $40-$67. The cost to get into the B1G Championship in Indianapolis is $66.

However, anyone hoping to attend the SEC Championship in Atlanta better be prepared to shell out for it. The cost for that ticket is approaching $200: