Ah, Floyd of Rosedale. Easily the most recognizable, and clearly the best, rivalry trophies in all of college football.

The 112th meeting between Iowa and Minnesota will commence on Saturday, as the two teams battle for the prized (bronze) pig. And with both teams sitting at 3-1 on the season, there’s a lot to be gained by holding Floyd high in the air this weekend.

Instead of breaking down Saturday’s matchup — we’ll do that later — let’s have a look at the fun side of the historic rivalry between Iowa and Minnesota and the birth of one of the greatest trophies in all of sports.

1. There was an actual, live prized pig on the line in the first Floyd of Rosedale game

Before the greatest trophy in college football came to fruition, there was an actual pig on the line. In 1935, while trying to cool tensions between the two fan bases, Minnesota governor Floyd Olson made a wager with Iowa governor Clyde Herring that the Gophers would defeat the Hawkeyes. The losing team owed the winning team a prized hog. Minnesota won 13-6.

2. Floyd was the younger brother of a really famous pig that acted with Will Rogers

That’s right, the (also very large) older brother of Floyd was a movie star. The hog was cast as Blue Boy in the 1933 film State Fair starring Will Rogers. So there’s quite a bit of fame in that bloodline.

3. The real Floyd died in 1936 and is buried (approximately) halfway between the two schools

Unfortunately, the actual Floyd didn’t last more than a year after serving as the prize of the Iowa-Minnesota game. He died from cholera on a farm near the Iowa-Minnesota border. He was also buried on that farm, which is actually pretty close to the halfway point between the two universities. How fitting.

4. Minnesota leads the series in just about every way…

The Gophers lead the all-time series 62-47-2 and the trophy series 42-39-2. Minnesota also owns the longest winning streak, defeating the Hawkeyes in 12 straight games from 1891-1916. The largest margin of victory also belongs to the Gophers, winning the 1903 matchup 75-0.

5. …But Iowa leads the battle in the swine category

There are approximately 20 million hogs raised on Iowa farms, which accounts for one-third of the nation’s total. There are only 8.2 million raised in Minnesota. Slackers.

6. The Floyd of Rosedale Trophy is the 10th-oldest in college football

It’s also the fourth-oldest in the B1G, behind another one of Minnesota’s rivalry trophies, the Little Brown Jug (vs. Michigan). The Old Oaken Bucket (Purdue vs. Indiana) and the IlliBuck (Illinois vs. Ohio State) are also older. He might not be the oldest, but Floyd is definitely the coolest.

7. In 1960, Minnesota won the B1G and claimed a national title by beating Iowa

Both teams were 6-0 entering the game, Iowa was ranked No. 1 and Minnesota was No. 3. The game would determine the B1G winner. The Gophers won the game 27-10, captured the conference title and claimed a national championship that season. It was the last national title the program has won.

8. Minnesota won six games from 1901-1909 by a combined score of 216-0

This isn’t really recent history, but it just goes to show how dominant the Gophers were early on in the rivalry. Iowa didn’t score a single point for eight years!

9. Iowa clinched a share of the B1G title with a 45-21 win over Minnesota in 2002 and Hawkeye fans tore down the goalposts at the Metrodome

How does this not get more attention? Iowa clinched a share of the B1G title with a 45-21 win over Minnesota. And there were enough Hawkeyes fans in attendance to storm the field and tear down the goalposts after the beating. That’s an incredibly impressive accomplishment.

10. The Hawkeyes have dominated the series recently, winning 13 of the last 17

Yes, Minnesota has owned the all-time series but the Hawkeyes have been extremely successful since 2001. Iowa has won 13 of the last 17 matchups, including five of the last six games. The Hawkeyes are currently on a three-game winning streak in the rivalry game, winning each contest by a touchdown or less.