The Super Bowl LIV matchup is set, as the San Francisco 49ers will take on the Kansas City Chiefs for the title in Miami on Sunday, February 2. And, with the two teams now known, there’s been a breakdown of the members of the active rosters and where they played their college football.

Despite the constant talk about the SEC producing the best NFL talent, it’s actually two teams from the B1G that have the most former players appearing in Super Bowl LIV.

According to Pick Six Previews, Iowa and Penn State both have four players on the active rosters for the Super Bowl matchups, which is the most of any program. Five schools have three players listed on the rosters — Clemson, Kansas State, LSU, Oklahoma and Stanford.

There are 15 programs that have two players on active rosters — including Michigan and Ohio State. Below is the breakdown from Pick Six Previews:

That’s not too shabby for the B1G. And it gives something for Iowa and Penn State to gloat about in the days leading up to the Super Bowl.

Sure, the SEC might be able to land a lot of the four- and five-star recruits, but it doesn’t always translate to success in the Super Bowl. This year, that claim belongs to the B1G.