A part-time student worker in the Iowa State athletics department has tested positive for COVID-19, the school announced on Wednesday. Protocols for dealing with a positive test are now underway.

Iowa State stated on Wednesday that another athletics staff member was working with the individual who tested positive for the virus. That individual has been quarantined and the school is working on contact-tracing procedures.

Four student-athletes in different sports have also “experienced symptoms after being in close contact with individuals outside of the athletics department who have been infected by the virus,” Iowa State also revealed. Those four individuals have also been quarantined.

“This certainly is not a great surprise,” said ISU athletic director Jamie Pollard. “We believe our plan to isolate infected individuals, continually communicate and educate our student-athletes and staff on proper hygiene, ongoing efforts to thoroughly sanitize our facilities, and implement other strategies as necessary, will allow us to ultimately be successful in mitigating the impact of the virus.”

According to Iowa State’s planned protocol, anyone who tests positive for the virus will be restricted from facilities for a three-to-six-week period. Anyone who comes into contact with an infected individual within 48 hours leading to their symptoms will be isolated for one week.

As more and more schools welcome student-athletes back to campus, the number of individuals infected with the virus is likely to increase.