Former Iowa State running back Jihrel Brock officially left the team Monday afternoon following a gambling charge stemming from a probe into Iowa and Iowa State athletics this summer.

Brock started for the Cyclones last season, totaling 99 carries for 445 yards and 3 touchdowns. He added 113 receiving yards and a touchdown through the air.

According to a criminal complaint Brock placed 1,327 illegal wagers totaling $12,000 from February 2022 through February 2023. 3 bets were made on Iowa State football games and 13 were on the Cyclones basketball program.

A pair of those football bets came in games Brock appeared in.

Most of Brock’s bets were made before he turned the legal age of 21. He joins Iowa State players Jake Remsburg, Hunter Dekkers, DeShawn Hanika and Isaiah Lee in being found placing wagers on ISU athletics.