Over the last few days, several men’s college basketball players started a movement since arriving in the Indianapolis Bubble for this year’s NCAA Tournament. Under the hashtag #NotNCAAProperty, players have united to call for name, image and likeness rights in college athletics.

Iowa guard Jordan Bohannon believes it’s worked.

Chad Leistikow of the Des Moines Register reported on Bohannon’s conversation while meeting with reporters on Sunday. Bohannon says he’s confident that players will get an opportunity to meet with NCAA President Mark Emmert and President Joe Biden’s administration.

Bohannon said it may come as early as the next two weeks.

After arriving in the Indianapolis Bubble for March Madness, players from multiple teams spoke out about the unfairness of the NCAA’s name, image and likeness policy. The movement picked up steam in the hours before the First Four games were played on Tuesday and have been a topic of conversation all weekend.

The NCAA has been moving on passing potential NIL policies that would allow student-athletes to profit of their name, image, likeness. At this time, nothing has been finalized.