Sports reporter has been asking just about every college football coach to share his thoughts on California’s new Fair Pay to Play Act over the last week. On Monday, it was Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh’s turn to share his opinions on the matter.

Based on a few tweets from reporters present at Harbaugh’s press conference Monday, the Michigan man provided some “insightful” answers on the subject. Most notably, Harbaugh said he thinks players should be able to leave after any year they would like, and if they go undrafted, they should be able to return to school and finish their degree.

Harbaugh did also say though, that he would like college sports to remain at the amateur level.

Harbaugh is rather forward thinking when it comes to issues like these likely because he is searching for an edge in recruiting. With that in mind, it’s not at all surprising to hear Harbaugh is more liberal when it comes to compensation for college players.