At this point, we would know the field of 68 making up the NCAA Tournament for men’s basketball.

However, we don’t because of you already know what.

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As unfortunate as that is, it is the reality we must live through. No college basketball this March.

However, ESPN’s Joe Lunardi, who is considered a bracketologist, follows college basketball throughout the entire season and projects a bracket every so often. As the year goes on, he updates his bracket more often.

Each year, Lunardi might not predict the actual NCAA Tournament bracket to 100 percent perfection, but he’s always darn close. This year, he has announced on Twitter what the field of 68 would look like along with an overall seed line.

Take a look:

As you can see, this isn’t just an entire hypothetical bracket. This is a hypothetical bracket that includes tip times and broadcast crews. We’re not sure exactly as to how this is going to work yet, but as Lunardi stated on Twitter, this is an ESPN event.

Is this going to be through Twitter where ESPN broadcasters cover simulated games? Over at 247Sports, they simulated the SEC Tournament through a video game.

Perhaps ESPN could be doing the same.

We’ll have to wait and see.