Joel Klatt answered questions on the possibility of two B1G teams making it into the College Football Playoff.

He thinks that it is definitely possible and talked about the path that the 2 B1G teams will need to take to get there.

“I do think that they can, I don’t that it’s all that likely. A scenario where Georgia were to win out, Tennessee were to win out. Ohio State and Michigan play in an incredibly close game. Then I think you would need TCU to lose and in the Big 12 to get jumbled up.”




Currently the top 4 in the College Football Playoff Poll is:

  1. Georgia
  2. Ohio State
  3. Michigan
  4. TCU

In the last regular season B1G East game, Ohio State and Michigan will have to play which would be the second top 4 match up this season with the first being Georgia vs Tennessee.

Whoever wins will likely keep a playoff position and the loser runs the risk of being left out.