Joel Klatt talked about the comparisons between the SEC and the B1G conferences on his Fox show today. The recent announcement of the additions of UCLA and USC to the B1G has shaken up the dynamic between Power 5 conferences.

Even with USC and UCLA joining the conference in 2024 as well as the recent hires of Matt Rhule and Luke Fickell at Nebraska and Wisconsin, Klatt still thinks the SEC will be the best.

The B1G is arguably the second best of the Power 5 conferences and has had numerous contenders in the College Football Playoff over the last few years. The issue Klatt has as well as other fans is the lack of B1G national championships recently.

“All of that helps, but you’re not gonna pass the SEC unless you start winning championships decade over decade. The runway that the SEC has built itself is quite long. They have been a dominant force for awhile and they also dominate the draft. Are they gonna pass them because of these things? No.”

Is Klatt right for thinking that this?