When it comes to the College Football Playoff conversation, there’s only been one conference that’s been associated with potentially earning two bids into the four-team field. The SEC has been the focus of that attention.

Dominant performances from Alabama and LSU are certainly noteworthy, and Florida and Georgia — both with only one loss — are also still in the conversation. But, right now, it’s not the only conference who should be considered a threat to get two teams into the field.

The B1G has just as good of a chance as the SEC.

Currently, the B1G has three unbeaten teams after the ninth week of the college football season — Ohio State, Penn State and Minnesota are all 8-0. And FOX analyst Joel Klatt believes the league has just as much of a chance to land two teams in the field as the SEC.

Klatt, however, used Ohio State and Penn State as his example and left the Gophers out of the mix.

“Seeing a lot of narrative pushers out today talking about getting multiple SEC teams in playoff,” Klatt wrote. “That very well may happen, but let’s not pretend that [Ohio State] and [Penn State] aren’t on the exact same course…Could easily argue for both of them.”

Both Ohio State and Penn State have been dominant this season, and won’t meet until late November. When the two teams go head to head, there’s a good chance both teams are 10-0.

That is, of course, assuming that Penn State defeats those 8-0 Gophers. Those two teams will meet in Minneapolis on Nov. 9.

It’s getting pretty interesting in the B1G. And there’s a really good chance that the B1G has an argument for two teams come the end of the season. But there’s still a lot of football to be played.