Joel Klatt has taken notice that with the latest College Football Playoff rankings the possibility of 2 B1G teams getting in has drastically increased. That comes after Ohio State and Michigan checked in at No. 2 and No. 3, respectively.

During his personal podcast and show, Klatt explained the opportunity at hand for the B1G:

“There’s a clear path to 2 B1G teams in the Playoff, and you’d be right. The reason why is the committee doesn’t value USC,” Klatt said while explaining USC’s position shows the direction the selection committee is taking. “If you’re not gonna put USC above LSU over the past two weeks, the committee has some thought that USC is just not that good.”

Klatt continued on by explaining how The Game will impact the national standings and how a close game changes everything for the final 4 positions.

“So if Michigan or Ohio State were to lose in a close game do we really think they would drop all the way below USC? I don’t know,” Klatt said. “…Now all of a sudden, we start thinking ‘Shoot, is the loser of (Ohio State-Michigan) going to be in regardless?’ Maybe. I think this is the B1G’s best chance they’ve ever had to potentially get 2 teams in the Playoff.”