Joel Klatt is in Indianapolis Saturday night to call the Big Ten Championship Game between Michigan and Iowa. Jim Harbaugh’s program entered that game No. 2 in the country and handled their business against the Hawkeyes.

Late in the game, Klatt turned his attention to the wild College Football Playoff debate that was jumpstarted by Alabama beating Georgia in the SEC Championship Game. Texas’ early-season win against Alabama also complicates the picture, and Florida State has not looked good without Jordan Travis available.

In the end, Klatt expects the final spot to come down to a trio of teams with Texas, Georgia and Florida State to be in the mix. Here is how the FOX broadcaster believes it should play out:

“I think this is the debate right here. I think Bama’s going to go. And if this is the debate: Texas, Georgia and Florida State. With the way Florida State is currently playing, and Georgia having lost today with Bama’s loss being to Texas. I would put Texas in and the Playoff for me would be some combination of Michigan and Washington 1 and 2. It would be Texas at 3 and Alabama at 4. That’s what I would do.”

“I just don’t understand how Georgia can go from No. 1 to out with one loss,” Gus Johnson questioned in response.

“Their best win is going to be Missouri on the board? And let’s face it, I think Missouri is overrated as it is,” said Klatt to defend his list.

We’ll see how it plays out, but someone will be left out on Sunday, and it is bound to cause a stir.