One of the most influential voices in college football, FOX Sports analyst Joel Klatt offered his thoughts on the College Football Playoff committee’s latest rankings on Thursday.

CFB on FOX shared a video of Klatt’s comments:

Making a number of strong points throughout the 5:46 clip, one comment the former Colorado Buffaloes quarterback made stood out above the rest.

“The system is flawed and broken. Not in the fact they give us ‘bad rankings,’ because I think it is impossible to give us good rankings when there are not concrete qualifiers.

“When we’re just trying to throw out ‘the four best teams in college football,’ you can make any argument you want for any team you want.”

Topping Alabama, 46-41, in Tuscaloosa, the LSU Tigers jumped the Ohio State Buckeyes for the top spot. Their first loss of the season, the Crimson Tide dropped to No. 5.

The No. 3 Clemson Tigers and No. 4 Georgia Bulldogs round out the committee’s list of current CFP teams. While Georgia does own a victory over No. 16 Notre Dame, the Bulldogs also lost at home to the 4-6 South Carolina Gamecocks.

Klatt, Gus Johnson and “The All-American Girl” Jenny Taft will be on the call for Saturday’s game between the No. 15 Michigan Wolverines (7-2) and Michigan State Spartans (4-5) in Ann Arbor.