Joel Klatt was pretty critical of Clemson earlier on social media. Klatt went on to further explain where he puts the Tigers in the College Football Playoff contender conversation.

Klatt originally stated that Clemson would finish third at best in either the B1G East or SEC East. He highlighted how easy Clemson’s path to the playoff is with its remaining schedule.

“Generally speaking, almost all the time, you’re going to get tested at some point in your conference. And in every conference this year, that’s happening as we speak and it will happen throughout November. There’s no other team with an easier path to the Playoff than Clemson, and it’s been this way for quite some time.”

Clemson still has to play Notre Dame, Louisville, Miami, and South Carolina in its last four games.


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At the end of the day, Klatt wishes that there had been talks about playoff expansion a lot sooner. Do you agree with Klatt’s stance on the issue?

“It makes me wish we had (Playoff) expansion early because there’s no part of me that believes Clemson could finish any higher than third in the SEC East or the B1G East. Think about that for a moment… Do we really think Clemson is better than Ohio State or Michigan? Do we think that they’re better than Georgia or Tennessee? THere’s no way in the world they’d win the B1G this year… So what do we do with Clemson? Well, they’re going to the Playoff, so now we’re fighting for 3 spots, so good luck to everybody else.”