Joel Klatt dived more into the College Football Playoff expansion and more specifically how bowl games will not work interchangeably.

While on his show, Klatt discussed more in-depth his thoughts regarding the College Football Playoff and how ultimately it will ‘kill the bowl’ games.

The CFP announced a few weeks ago, that it will expand from its 4-team field to a 12-team bracket by 2026.

“The importance of these games is going to continue to diminish, in particular to get in this expanded playoff field,” Klatt said. “So, I do think that it’s very important that the playoff needs to be the playoff and bowl season needs to be bowl season. We just need to separate the two.”

Klatt provided that bowl games are bowl games and the playoff games should not be one in the same. Saying in part that they’re different and should be dealt with differently.

So it will be interesting to see how the expansion affects bowl games in 2026 and beyond, will it be as it is now or something else?