Joel Klatt and Gus Johnson are under fire from college football fans for their broadcast of the Big Ten Championship.

Fans have not been happy with the call through the first half, flaming the two for their commentating throughout the first half. It seems some fans think Johnson gets a little too excited for plays not worth celebrating. The pair also faced some flack for missing a few calls and misjudging others. Some fans  also think Klatt has a bias towards Michigan in the game, while others believe he is leaning towards Iowa.

The Big Ten Championship hasn’t been the most exciting affair so far, as Michigan leads 10-0 at the half. There weren’t high expectations for Iowa’s offense, but the Hawkeyes are looking to get things going in the second half to make the game more interesting.

Perhaps the lack of excitement led to fans critiquing the commentating rather than the game. Here are some of the reactions from fans.