The location of Monday’s national championship game has come under plenty of scrutiny over the last few days. Despite the matchup featuring No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Clemson, ticket prices for the game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara are continuing to plummet.

A major argument for the declining ticket prices is location. Flights to the West Coast are expensive, hotels and transportation are costly and travel times are lengthy. While the College Football Playoff attempts to diversify, scheduling title games in different parts of the country, it’s pretty clear the fans aren’t digging the San Francisco area.

Due to all the ruckus the location has caused, FOX Sports analyst Joel Klatt developed a list of the top places to host the College Football Playoff title game. It’s pretty tough to argue against it, too.

Klatt lists the Rose Bowl (Pasadena), Atlanta, Dallas, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Houston and Phoenix as the best spots to host the championship game.

All of those spots are great host cities. And, if the College Football Playoff incorporated some sort of rotation with these cities, pretty much every area of the country would be represented.

Monday’s title game will likely still have a great turnout to see the top two teams in the country. It just might not be as great as years past.