Joel Klatt has been a part of a number of major games throughout his broadcasting career. That includes multiple B1G Championship Games in Indianapolis and a host of other rivalry showdowns at iconic venues throughout the country.

During a recent episode of “The Joel Klatt Show,” he broke down a list of the best environments he has ever experienced as a broadcaster. B1G matchups produced 3 of the top 5 spots on Klatt’s list, including the No. 1 spot.

The top spot belongs to The Game, particularly the 2021 rivalry matchup between Ohio State and Michigan in Ann Arbor. While the matchup itself is always one to behold, there were a number of factors that made this version stand out.

In fact, Klatt said he believes The Game in 2021 was the best atmosphere he’s likely to ever experience in his career. Here are his full thoughts on the atmosphere:

My No. 1 environment and venue that I have ever experienced (as a broadcaster): The Game, Michigan and Ohio State, (2021). I’ll never forget that game. Even though last year’s game they were both undefeated, that game with the snow falling, the pictures that were going on, the streak that Ohio State had over Michigan at that point and just the outpouring of emotion. I’ve never seen that fanbase that loud, I’ve never seen them pour out onto the field like that. That was pretty special. I just remember ‘Mr. Brightside’ playing while it looked like 80,000 were actually on the field… That was the best atmosphere I have ever been in, and probably ever will be in. You can’t replicate that situation.