Joel Klatt is glad to see the College Football Playoff moving to an expanded field. However, he did have a strong reaction to the final format proposed by the CFP Board of Directors.

In his most recent “Breaking the Huddle” show, Klatt mentioned that he devised a model that looks eerily similar last season – and shared it with the world on his show. Klatt pointed back to his model in saying the new CFP format “looks a lot like plagiarizing.”

“Well well well well… Folks, it was almost verbatim what the College Football Playoff Board of Directors gave us,” said Klatt. “That looks an awful lot like plagiarizing. I don’t care, I don’t need credit.


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“They plagiarized me. There is not a doubt in my mind that they were watching Breaking the Huddle last year and were like ‘Hey, this whipper snapper’s got something.’ Which I don’t care, I had these conversations with all sorts of people, but I’m glad they got to this point.”

Whether or not the expanded format can be traced back to Klatt is surely up for debate. In the end, what really matters for teams and fans is that expansion is coming in the near future.